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Revshare up to 45%


  1. Royalty – 15%;
  2. NG – BET - WIN;
  3. Deposits – sum of deposits, players have made;
  4. Payouts – sum of withdrawals players have made;
  5. 7.5% – Transaction fee;
  6. AFF% – Rate of your commission (see. the table %rev.share).

Revenue Share % New Deposits

45% Revenue for the first 30 day since the registration in the Bona Fides affiliate programme
25% 0-30 FTD*
30% 31 - 50 FTD*
40% 51-99 FTD*
45% 100+ FTD*

* FTD - First time deposit by player

** Total sum of FTD for the 30 day accounting period


The programme requires activation.

To apply for a CPA deal please contact support by any convenient means


Sub-affiliate programme

There is another chance to grow a Partner's income by taking part in the Sub-Affiliate programme. According to this model, you need to invite new Partners. The lifetime base rate for every new Partner is 5% of the income that the Partner gets. You also can get helpful information by investigating the statistics that are presented in the account. Filter invited Partners by any category and assess the effectiveness of traffic sources, link types, etc. There are also promo-materials that are designed to help you invite more new Partners and get more income in the Sub-Affiliate programme.

Our advantages:

1. 2 commission payments during the month:

  1. First accounting period: from the 1st to the 15th day of the current month;
  2. Second accounting period: from the 16th to the 30th (31st) day of the current month;
  3. Commission payment is carried out in the classic fiat or in major cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

2. A negative balance is ignored in the next accounting period;

3. There is no commission hold;

4. Paying 45% RevShare for the first 30 days since registration in the affiliate programme. After the bonus period has finished you will receive % RevShare depending on the number of your players FTD during this period;

5. Commission percentage rate increase along with the volume of traffic;

6. The rate is revised every 30 days. If the number of FTD in the current accounting period has increased, the commission percentage may increase before the appointed time;

7. % RevShare is paid for life and applies to all previously attracted players.

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