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How Affiliates can multiply earnings on Bona Fides’ integrated Crypto Staking Section

One of the common challenges for Affiliates is discovering more profitable means of increasing their earnings and standing out from the competition. And Bona Fides has taken measures to provide its partners with a unique opportunity to boost profit. How? Take the next 4-5 mins to find out more! This article details all the answers you need.

We launched the Crypto Staking Section!

Before now, the TFS token widget had only been on our partner casino platform. But we’ve decided to provide an even more convenient experience for our Affiliates and help them earn more by bringing this widget to the Bona Fides platform.

Yeah, publishers, it’s enough to get excited by this new development. And in the spirit of that excitement, let’s take you through the Bona Fides’ Crypto staking section.

What is a token widget?

In general, the TFS token widget on the Fairspin casino platform is a secure program that enables the players to earn via the “Play to Earn'' and “Hold to Earn” options. This type of token widget also presents a clear view of the events and statistics that constantly affect the rate of the holdings. There are 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days holding periods.


Image source: Fairspin

These tokens are the main link between players and the casino, as they allow receiving Rakeback for making bets and increasing affiliate rewards. The widget on Fairspin has loyalty programs such as:

  • PLAY TO EARN: Where players can earn rewards in tokens by just participating in a bet (win or lose) without limit
  • HOLD TO EARN: A crypto-staking activity that enables each player to stake and hold their crypto tokens for a certain amount of time to earn a much higher reward as long as the casino’s GGR remains positive.
    For Fairspin, the player first plays to earn TFS tokens or buys them from 3rd-party decentralized exchanges before holding the tokens.

The Crypto staking section on the Bona Fides affiliate platform is more direct in its purpose –– to help Affiliates increase their earnings by an extended “Hold to Earn” staking program without limitations. Currently, the hold is for three(3) days.

Bona Fides

Image source: Bona Fides

Conclusively, we can say that the widget on Fairspin is more general and vast in its purpose, while the one on Bona Fides focuses on one aspect – ”Hold to Earn.”

If you’re new to this, TFS is the token of FairSpin casino, and Trueplay is the integrated blockchain-backed tool that proxies user traffic (data) from the Fairspin casino to the blockchain explorer, where Affiliates can access and analyze the raw data. The widget displays aggregated information on casinos and users.

Affiliates are provided with players’ IDs, and their transaction IDs on the Bona Fides platform. They can access players’ stats on the explorer and compare the data for transparency with what’s on their Bona Fides account.

Why do Affiliates need the token widget?

If there’s a way to move upward in the Affiliates’ world, it’d sure be in the direction of gaining more profits and doing that without struggle or limitations. The good news is that the token widget provides opportunities for both.

The exchange rate of the tokens to the USD constantly increases.
For example, there’s an instance with an Affiliate whose tokens were worth 1000 USD in September when the price of 1 TFS = $0.002791.


Image source: coinmarketcap

By the first week of October, his tokens had increased in price value to $1850, because the price of 1 TFS went from $0.002791 to $0.05196.


Image source: coinmarketcap

Right now, the maximum hold time is three(3) days for our newly launched Crypto Staking section on the affiliate platform, and Affiliates can deposit and withdraw profits at any time. How they can do that is explained below.

How does the widget work?

Having an account on the Bona Fides affiliate platform automatically means you have the newly launched Crypto Staking section. It’s more like a unique wallet where you can hold your tokens and earn rewards in return.

“Once your widget is activated, you receive a bonus of 200 tokens on your balance!”

So once your widget is activated, there are two ways to deposit into your balance.

The first is to receive a share of your affiliate commission in TFS tokens. All you need is to select the % of your income to be paid in the TFS token.

The second option is to get on a decentralized exchange such as Pancake swap or Uniswap. You need to ensure you have some USDT in your crypto wallet (metamask, for example), which you can connect to a decentralized exchange like Pancake or Uniswap. Swap the USDT for the amount of TFS tokens you want.

It’s important to note that TFS tokens are only available on decentralized exchanges such as Pancake swap or Uniswap.

You cannot purchase these tokens from the balance of your affiliate account on the Bona Fides widget, but you can convert your commission balance into TFS tokens.

And what’s more? The Affiliates don’t have to wait for the first day of the month or at the end of two weeks to take out their tokens. Now they can deposit the tokens and withdraw whenever they want.

Furthermore, Bona Fides Partners will get TFS tokens twice a month according to the percentage of the commissions they have selected. Our financial team will calculate the amount of money based on the Affiliate’s chosen percentage, buy the TFS tokens, and then transfer them to the token widget balance.

The payments can get to the Affiliates’ wallet in FIAT or crypto after processing – usually within 1 - 5 business days.

For detailed instructions on how the Crypto staking widget works, its features, and functionalities, see the user manual here.


At Bona Fides, we always strive to put our partners’ convenience as the priority. The new Crypto Staking section is more than a direct source of increasing earnings, which we believe is one of the utmost goals of every partner. Our team of experts constantly works to improve the staking section with the latest technology. Make sure to keep checking for updates.

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