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Terms and conditions

  1. The Tournament period is November 15, 2022 – February 15, 2023.

  2. The tournament is only open for affiliates registered in the Bona Fides Affiliates Network

  3. Only new depositing players registered from the beginning of the tournament can participate.

  4. Affiliates can start accumulating the P2E TFS tokens earned by their players from the first day of the tournament. All of the players’ statistics are available on Trueplay’s blockchain explorer.

  5. P2E TFS amounts are calculated separately for each player of an affiliate.

  6. A 100,000 USDT prize fund will be distributed according to the chips earned among the 17 affiliates who brought in depositing P2E players from November 15, 2022 to February 15, 2023 to our offer. In addition, there will be gift prizes.

  7. Winners can also choose the prizes that they want to get according to the prize list and the sum of their winnings in a case where they do not want a monetary reward.

  8. Actual prizes could differ from the prizes on the banners, but the price value remains equal.

  9. Gift prize winners can also decide to take the money equivalent of their gift prizes in crypto (USDT to their wallets).

  10. Winner categories for each chip type:

    • Grand Master: 1
    • Cyber Lord: 2
    • Tech Boss: 4
    • Cyber Genius: 10
  11. To get each chip type, the affiliate’s player needs to earn Play2Earn on Fairspin (

    • Grand Master: the best result among Cyber Lord chips
    • Cyber Lord: 15,000+ TFS
    • Tech Boss: 10,000+ TFS
    • Cyber Genius: 5,000+ TFS
  12. Affiliates’ chip type for the tournament increases depending on the performance of their players.

  13. The number of tournament chips is unlimited: Every affiliate can get the number of chips that their players gained.

  14. Additional prize fund of 150,000 TFS will be played for monthly on social networks among all of the subscribers/followers.

  15. The conditions of the monthly giveaway on social networks will be published with the giveaway post on social networks.

  16. A weekly random draw of 50,000 TFS on our social networks among the tournament participants.

  17. Winners of the weekly drawing among the tournament participants and monthly social network giveaways will be announced on our Social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin) and all of the draws will be done using

  18. All the TFS won are credited to affiliates’ widget balance on the Bona Fides Affiliates platform.

  19. Tournament winners will be determined using

  20. The results of the tournament will be available in the News section on the Bona Fides website as well as on the tournament page.

  21. Players may be banned at the discretion of Fairspin.

  22. The results for a player whose result does not comply with the rules of the FS will be canceled.

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