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11/15/2022 - 2/15/2023

The Bona Fides Affiliates’ Combat is over.

Other draws are coming soon.
All the chip-holders are below

Top-5 Leaders

Affiliate’s chips

  • 1
  • 139
  • 60
  • 129
  • Partner’s ID

  • Player’s ID

  • Play2Earn/TFS

Detailed information on a player or partner can be obtained by clicking their specific IDs on the blockchain explorer

Tournament Details

Tournament Terms

  1. Become our partner. Registration

  2. Participate in the tournament after registration

  3. Earn lottery chips from new players’ Play to Earn

  4. Encourage your P2E players and improve your chip level

  • Remember, the more players you have, the more chips you’ll have and the more chances you’ll have to win great prizes.

  • The more your player participares in the Play to Earn program, the more your chip level will increase.

Random Weekly Drawing

50,000 TFS up for grabs!

You only must participate in the tournament to qualify for the draw.

P2E TFS tokens required for each Chip type

  • Grand Master chip

    Grand Master Chip - the best result among Cyber Lord Chip holders

  • Cyber Lord chip

    Cyber Lord Chips - 15,000+ TFS from each player

  • Tech Boss chip

    Tech Boss Chips - 10,000+ TFS from each player

  • Cyber Genius chip

    Cyber Genius Chips - 5,000+ TFS from each player

Tournament Prizes

  • 1 Winner takes a prize fund worth

    50,000 USDT

    • 2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

      2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  • 2 Winners to share a prize fund worth

    25,000 USDT

    • 2022 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan

      2022 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan

    • Rolex Datejust 41

      Rolex Datejust 41

  • 4 Winners to share a prize fund worth

    15,000 USDT

    • Macbook Pro M1 16 512GB

      Macbook Pro M1 16 512GB

    • Playstation 5

      Playstation 5

    • Dron Yuneec Typhoon H3

      Dron Yuneec Typhoon H3

  • 10 Winners to share a prize fund worth

    10,000 USDT

    • IPhone 14 Pro

      IPhone 14 Pro

    • Steam Deck

      Steam Deck

    • GoPro Hero 11

      GoPro Hero 11

    • Google Glass

      Google Glass

We conduct a weekly TFS lottery for partners who registered at least one player with completed FTD

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